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Teaching Without Lectures: A New Approach That Puts Learning Above Compliance

Workshop Details

  • June 21, 2021
  • June 28, 2021
  • July 5, 2021
Time: 3:00-4:00PM each day
Place: Virtual
Presenter: Dustin Dawson
Audience: K-12 teachers
Capacity: Eugene
Fees: None
Goals: Participants will develop a unit of instruction using the Modern Classrooms Project model.

The pandemic has shown us the need for a new way of teaching. Students do not all learn at the same rate for every skill. Those who are left behind in class often give up. Students who learn content at a faster rate end up getting bored. The Modern Classrooms model aims to disrupt the old system of education and move to a more flexible and empowering approach to learning.

The Modern Classrooms Project uses blended instruction, mastery-based grading, and a self-paced structure to put students in the driver's seat of their learning. Using videos and other experiences, students interact with new content and skills independent of any one person. Students work with peers to learn new content and engage with the teacher in one-on-one and small group discussions. Teachers provide feedback on the learning and focus on improvement rather than on completion or a grade. If students do not meet the required level of understanding, they go back and learn before they move on. Students who move through the content at a faster pace are encouraged to support other students in their learning or work on extension projects to deepen and expand on their learning.

The course will have three components:

  • Asynchronous content that teachers can move through at their pace (self-paced)
  • Three virtual discussion sessions to discuss the concepts
    • Monday June 21st – Focus: Blended learning
    • Week of June 28th – Focus: Mastery Based Grading
    • Week of July 5th – Focus: Self-paced instruction and final thoughts
  • Individual mentoring meetings as needed
Lunch: No lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: None
Notes: The same workshop is available starting August 16th.
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