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Social Emotional Reflection through Somatics & Art

Workshop Details

Date(s): February 24, 2021
Time: 3:30-4:30PM
Place: Virtual meeting
Presenter: Ash Canty, Lane Arts Council
Audience: K-12 educators and counselors
Capacity: 50 participants
Fees: $22
  • Learn creative activities to engage students in reflection and expression.
  • Define "somatics" and how to use the mind-body connection in helping students process, express, and self-regulate.
  • Learn tools to stay in tune with the needs of students and support their well being.
Description: Explore new ways to encourage students to express their inner landscape and emotional well being through a series of regular check ins. Ash will guide participants in activities that invite the sharing of feelings through art, somatics, and creative exploration. These tools will help teachers become more in tune with the needs of their students and facilitate ways to support their well being in this time of COVID-19 and beyond. Attendees will tune in with themselves, access tools for both expressive and body-based check ins, and gain an understanding of how to prompt expression and reflection in in-person and virtual classroom environments.

Ash Canty (they/them) is a Black, Queer, Non-binary Being. They have taught social emotional learning programs in schools in the Bay Area for youth as well as facilitated council work and grief ritual spaces for adults. They are a spoken word artist, mixed media painter, Black lives activist, death walker, and spirit medium. They are on fire about bringing individuals back into their bodies and using art as a vehicle for creative expression, healing, and change. They walk in living prayer with their ancestors and carry their West African roots close to their heart.
Lunch: No lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: None
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