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Patterns High School Chemistry Summer Workshop

Workshop Details

Date(s): August 9-12, 2021
Time: 8:30AM-3:30PM each day
Place: Lane ESD (and local HS Chemistry Classroom, Site TBD)
Presenter: Andrea Leech, Chemistry TOSA, Portland Public School District, Patterns Chemistry Facilitator, Jomae Sica, Chemistry Teacher, Beaverton School District, Patterns Chemistry Facilitator
Audience: High school chemistry teachers
Capacity: 20 participants
Fees: Free for Lane County high school science teachers
Description: Patterns Chemistry is an instructional resource for a year-long high school introductory chemistry course. It  meets many of the physical science standards from the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as some earth science standards. Through scientific inquiry, engineering design, and critical thinking, students  discover and apply patterns in major Chemistry topics such as atomic structure, periodic trends, chemical reactions, and chemical bonding. Earth science topics relating to weather and climate in the context of chemistry are also explored. An important aim of the course is to challenge and further develop students’ problem solving skills, scientific literacy and communication skills.
Lunch: No lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: This workshop is designed for high school chemistry teachers.

Please email Heidi Rebar with questions regarding the workshops.

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