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Brainstorm - Celebrating the Power & Purpose of the Adolescent Brain

Workshop Details

Date(s): August 25, 2021
Time: 10:00-11:30AM
Place: Online, Zoom link will be provided
Presenter: Angela Healow and Daniel Gallo
Audience: All school staff
Capacity: 100
Fees: None
  • Identify the four central elements of the adolescent brain as articulated by Dr. Siegel.
  • Explore the developmental stages of adolescent brains.
  • Collaborate on plans to center and celebrate adolescent brains in schools.
Description: Brainstorm is an acclaimed book about the adolescent brain written by Dr. Daniel Siegel. It explores the developmental process of adolescent brains (ages 12-24) and how to celebrate and harness the beauty and power of the adolescent brain. Rather than pathologize adolescent brains, we will seek to understand the unique power and disposition of teenage brains and how to create environments that utilize their dispositions.
Lunch: No lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: None
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