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Mindful Reflection: Creative Strategies for Centered Learning

Workshop Details

Date(s): April 29, 2021
Time: 3:00-5:00PM
Place: Virtual meeting
Presenter: Linda Burden-Williams and Alex Ever, Lane Arts Council
Audience: K-12 educators and counselors
Capacity: 50 participants
Fees: $44
  • Attendees will explore visual and performance arts-inspired approaches to engage students in mindful reflection.
  • Attendees will understand how to build self-regulation skillsets in students through breathing, visualization, and artistic expression.
  • Attendees will practice mindful exercises they can bring into their classrooms to use as morning check-ins, classroom transitions, or end-of-day reflections.
Description: Linda Burden-Williams and Alex Ever bring you two diverse perspectives on guiding students through mindful moments of intentional reflection. Linda will share perspectives from the angle of a performing artists, engaging students in their full body through breathing and vocal exercises, written reflection, and fun games that engage the full body. Alex approaches the topic from the visual arts perspective and will bring ideas ranging from drawing to collage to visualization. Participants will walk away with multiple exercises they can bring into their classrooms to use as morning check-ins, classroom transitions, or end-of-day reflections. Learn the power of breath, visualization, expression, and reflection in this active and centering workshop!

Linda Burden-Williams (she/her) has lived in the creative world all her life. From playing music in a Rock Band right out of High School to Acting with Prime-Time Credits and Films. She is a meditation practitioner for an international group along with an Acting and Speaking Coach. With Lane Arts Council she has served as a residency teaching artist since 2012 and a Creative Link artist since 2018. Her greatest pleasure is to inspire others to understand their own lives and minds.

Alex Ever (they/them) is a multi-media Queer artist who delves between traditional and digital mediums such as natural dyes, illustration, and fiber arts. Their work explores experiences of authenticity through a focus on play, tactile engagement, and the pursuit of chasing curiosity. Alex joined the Lane Arts Council teaching artist team last year supporting the artist residencies program, serving as a mentor for the Design Arts Apprenticeship program, and collaborating with teachers in the Creative Link program. They hope to empower others to find value and accessibility in making.
Lunch: No lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: None
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