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Lane County Teaching and Learning Academy

Module 3 – Making Student Thinking Visible


Making Student Thinking Visible (MSTV) will demonstrate how to weave together several sets of skills, all of which are necessary for generating rigorous academic talk and high level thinking for ALL students.

Knowledge Base of Teaching

  • Apply the "areas of performance," "repertoire" and "matching" to creating a student-centered talk environment in the classroom
  • Expand/refresh your repertoire of teaching strategies


  • Create a climate that makes it safe for students to share their thinking
  • Develop students' capacity and confidence to make their thinking visible while exploring challenging content, concepts and skills
  • Plan good questions that promote good thinking
  • See errors as normal and opportunities for learning
  • Develop new habits of mind that honor student struggle and perseverance without jumping in prematurely to save students
  • Facilitate student-centered discourse
  • Apply 24 operating principles to build a classroom environment where all students:
    • Participate frequently, confidently and skillfully in discussion
    • Develop deep understanding of concepts and skills being taught

Equity Commitment Leadership Collaboration Integrity