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Lane County Teaching and Learning Academy

Module 2B – Formative Assessment for Results (FAR)


Formative assessment – teachers and students using evidence of learning to adapt teaching and learning as part of daily instruction – is one of the most powerful levers for increasing student achievement available (Wiliam, 2011). And yet, despite the "decade of data," formative assessment, as a practice and not a test, remains misunderstood and underutilized. Closing the knowledge gap requires that teachers are aware of what students do and do not know in order to ensure they learn the content before moving on to the next topic.

This two-day module extends the foundations established in Module 2A: Essential Elements of Planning and Lesson Design. Utilizing a four-step cycle participants will learn how to actively engage students with clear learning objectives and success criteria, infuse formative assessment into daily instruction, analyze results, and take action in response to the formative assessment data.


  • Maximize the power of formative assessment by learning about and creating quality assessments and analyzing results
  • Analyzing formative assessment results through item-, error-, and criteria analysis
  • Planning for and implementing formative-assessment driven instruction
  • Taking FIRME action in response to formative assessments (Feedback to students, Investigation into student thinking, Reteaching/Reengaging/Regrouping, Moving On, Extension)

Equity Commitment Leadership Collaboration Integrity