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Lane County Teaching and Learning Academy

Module 1 – The Knowledge Base of Teaching


This module is an overview of the organization of the knowledge base as it is described in The Skillful Teacher (Saphier, Haley-Speca, Gower, 2018) text. This session will include a survey of the 18 areas of performance that a teacher must attend to in everyday instruction within four categories: curriculum and lesson planning, motivating students, delivering instruction, and managing a classroom. Participants will develop an understanding and be able to apply the three key concepts of area of performance, repertoire, and matching.


  • Explain the purposes and functions of the knowledge base of teaching
  • Explain the concepts of “areas of performance,” “repertoire,” and “matching” and how these three concepts define professional knowledge
  • Expand/refresh your repertoire of teaching strategies
  • Recognize that the larger the repertoire the more precise the match
  • Continue to develop cultural proficiency in the context of our schools and classrooms

Equity Commitment Leadership Collaboration Integrity