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Lane County Teaching and Learning Academy

Coaching for Sustainable School Improvement


Helping teachers to recognize the need to improve their practice as well as how to do it is a challenge. It requires a trusting partnership between teachers and their instructional coaches that honors and recognizes the complexity of teaching. This program prepares coaches to play the vital role of improving instruction by working with individual teachers to hone their practice, providing just-in-time professional learning opportunities tied to teacher and school goals, and strengthening a collaborative professional culture.


  • Implement the components or activities of instructional coaches, including enrolling teachers, setting student goals, explaining and modeling instructional practices, observing lessons, debriefing, and refining teacher practice.
  • Strengthen coaching communication skills for developing healthy relationships with teachers, such as listening, questioning, and being a witness to the good.
  • Incorporate principles that establish coaching as a partnership.

Equity Commitment Leadership Collaboration Integrity