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Speech-Language Pathology

Feeding/Swallowing Policy for all Lane ESD Life Skills Classrooms

Enumerated Policy

  1. The Daily Feeding/Swallowing Protocol form will be completed for students for whom independent eating is unsafe due to any physical, neurological, sensory, or other challenge that they might face; furthermore, feeding will not occur at school unless a current F/S Protocol is in place for such a student.

  2. Each Life Skills class will have a Feeding/Swallowing Team to include: the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Occupational Therapist (OT), and School Nurse. Specialists outside of the F/S Team will be asked as needed to provide input in their domain. One member of the school F/S Team will take the lead in coordinating all of this input to complete the F/S Protocol form.

  3. A F/S Team member will train each staff member who is to be involved with feeding the student. Upon satisfactory completion (i.e., a demonstration of an independent understanding of the expectations and procedures), the staff member will sign the F/S Protocol form to affirm that they have been trained, they will follow the protocol exactly as written, and they will not pass off their duties to untrained personnel. The original will be located in the student’s classroom, and copies of the form will be distributed as follows:

    1. the teacher (who will ensure that a hard copy is readily accessible to staff members), and
    2. the parent/guardian (in the IEP).

    The F/S Protocol form will be identified under Supplemental Aids and Services. No one outside of the F/S Team has any authority to implement feeding at school in any way other than that specified in the F/S Protocol.

  4. The F/S Team will observe the student, assess, and meet as needed:

    1. for new referrals,
    2. when a new problem is detected (e.g., a choking incident, change in seizure activity, and so on), and
    3. when evaluating requests for changes to the F/S Protocol (such as from the parents).

    The F/S Protocol will be reviewed and updated if needed at the beginning of each new school year, and prior to the annual IEP.

  5. The teacher is responsible for ensuring that:

    1. choking and excessive coughing are reported to the F/S Team on the same day as the incident occurs, and
    2. an incident report is generated and submitted to the classroom’s Program Supervisor in accordance with current agency procedures.

  6. When the F/S Team determines that a F/S Protocol is necessary, or requires changes, the F/S Team will share findings with the classroom teacher, the Lane ESD Program Supervisor, and the district representative. At that point, one person will be designated to contact the family to share concerns and suggestions.

  7. If the parent agrees to the suggestions, then the F/S Protocol is generated or edited as needed; however, if the parent is of a different mind, or needs more information, then an IEP meeting will be scheduled. The F/S Team will determine which F/S Protocol will apply in the interim based on student safety.

  8. The IEP team will discuss the concerns and suggestions from the F/S Team. The IEP team will make decisions about the student’s program, attendance, plan of action to gather medical information, and so on.

Updated 6/20/2018 (Original 2/8/2013)

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