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Speech-Language Pathology

Extended Assistive Technology Framework at Lane ESD


Lane ESD Life Skills classrooms provide a consistent technology framework for equitable access to instructional and functional materials. Classrooms rely on organizers (such as captioned cubbies or lockers, labeled transition systems, and print or picture schedules) and immersion for literacy (like word walls/cards/books) and math (as in manipulables, calculators, and posters). Curricula draw heavily on their tech components (such as captioned pictures, puppets, training objects, and penny-board economies). This type of support does not require individual AT service referrals.

Lane ESD Technology Services maintains the computational framework, such as conventional computers (i.e., laptops and desktops), printers, projectors, network, plus all operating system and productivity software (i.e., not the special education software titles). The classroom and dedicated student mobile devices are maintained by Lane ESD’s ATP, with firm support from Technology Services.

Extended AT Framework Hardware

  • Classroom teacher and specialist iPads
  • Voice-output devices: Comm. Builder (1-16 cells); Small Talk Sequencer
  • Switch access: PowerSelect (access AC appliances); USB switch interface for conventional computers; 2.5" jellybean switch; 1.1" Pal Pad
  • Time Timer (8")
  • Headphones (2 pairs, individually controlled left/right volume, optional mono/stereo)
  • Noise-reduction headphones

Extended AT Framework Software

  • Universal Access is built into MacOS
  • Communication Grid Software (SymbolStix, Boardmaker)
  • RTI (word prediction, highlighted text-to-speech, visual math models, phonics, phonemic awareness, dashed-line fonts)
  • On-line read-aloud books and audiobooks (Tumblebooks)
  • On-line switch programs (HelpKidzLearn)
  • Other academics (Starfall, LearningA-Z)

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