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Lane Regional Teacher Pathways Program
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Lane Regional Teacher Pathways Program - Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the award?

Tuition scholarships ranging between $5,000- $15,000

Undergraduate range $5,000- $7,500

Graduate range $10,000- $15,000

How is the scholarship

Scholarship is paid directly to attending college/university on a per term basis.
(after other grants and scholarships have been applied; we do not factor in student loans.)

When awarded, how long do I have to use the award?

Use for the current or upcoming school year.
Example academic year 2022-2023
*includes summer term

Do I have to apply for a scholarship each year?

No, you will have to complete the Scholarship Renewal Form.

Can a Graduate student apply for more funding beyond the initial $10,00-$15,000 scholarship?

Once awarded for a graduate program scholarship. You are ineligbile to apply for an additional scholarship*.
*Depending on funding, financial support can be extended.

If a student is enrolled in a program (even in the last term/semester) can the student still apply for a program scholarship?

Yes, a student can apply. The scholarship amount awarded would be adjusted for the current academic year.

What if I take a break from my teaching program, can I still use my award next year?

You would have to complete the Scholarship Renewal Form.

What if I failed a course(s), will I lose my scholarship?

If a student is put on academic probation through the college or university we would hold funding until the student has met the requirement for good academic standing resulting in status being lifted from academic probation.
*in collaboration with Pathways Specialist a plan of support will be established.

Is TSPC licensure fees, testing, fingerpringting & books paid for by Lane Regional Teacher Pathways Program?

Yes, (depending on funding) TSPC licensure fees, NES content assessments fee, Civil Rights test, fingerprinting fee, EdTPA assessment & books are covered by the program.
*this is reimbursed directly to the scholar

How do I submit documentation to the Program Specialist?

We have a secure portal to upload documents such as grades, tuition bill statements, etc.
*link is located on webpage

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