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Is the grant:

  • $10,000 or under?
  • Funded by a foundation or non-for-profit (i.e. NOT state or federal)?
  • For a one-time funding opportunity (NOT multiple funding/report cycles)?
  • NOT asking for an increase in staff FTE or new staff hires?
  • NOT asking for a financial contribution from the district (match, etc.)?
Project Name*
Person/Department Submitting Proposal*
Potential Funder*
Requested Funding Amount*
Anticipated Start Date*
Length of Grant*
Does the grant require a 501(c)3 to apply?*
If a 501(c)3 is required, has the request been approved by the Lane Education Foundation?
Is supervisor supportive of this grant?*
Brief explanation of proposal*
Which agencies will Lane ESD partner with during the proposed project?*
What equipment, if any, will these grant funds be used to purchase?*
Which internal supports at Lane ESD will you need for the project to succeed?*