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Lane ESD Logo and Letterhead Graphics

The quality of Lane ESD's services is reflected in all the written materials we create to inform districts, partner agencies and the general public about our services. The resources provided here are intended for use by Lane ESD employees on all Lane ESD publications (including online publications), in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Lane ESD's logo will prominently appear on every Lane ESD publication.
  • All materials and publications bearing Lane ESD's logo will be free from spelling and grammatical errors, and contain all the pertinent information required to effectively communicate to the intended audience.
  • Use of the Lane ESD logo, letterhead and other materials provided here is authorized for Lane ESD staff for official Lane ESD publications only.

Graphics Available

The image files below are meant for use in word processing and desktop publishing applications like Word or Microsoft Publisher. They are not suitable for professional signage printing, which requires a special file format. If you are working with a graphics or signage vendor, please complete a Desktop Assistance Form to request the appropriate file.

After clicking on a link, use your browser's "copy image" command (usually found by right-clicking on the image) to copy-and-paste the file into your document.

Helpful Hints

Be sure to maintain the original image proportions when resizing an image.

In Microsoft Word 2007 (Windows) and 2008 (Mac) this is done by using the circular handles located in the corners of the image, instead of the square handles located on the sides. Using the handles on the sides will allow you to resize the image, but not without distorting it.

If you're using an application that only provides square handles, holding shift while resizing the image should lock the image proportions in the same way as using circular handles.

Resizing Handles

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