Workshops & Training


Date(s): August 1-3, 2018

8:00AM-4:00PM each day

Place: Lane Education Service District
Presenter: Various master K-12 teachers
Audience: K-12 teachers
Capacity: 40 participants
Fees: $50 refundable deposit

Provides K-12 teachers instruction and lesson plans that will allow them to teach introductory computer science, programming, game design, coding, web design, and robotics in their classes.


A highly collaborative series of technology training workshops designed specifically for K-12 educators and volunteers, SuperQuest trains, prepares, and empowers educators with the skills and classroom tools necessary to implement hands-on technology learning directly into their classrooms or after school programs. The three-day workshop topics include Introduction to Web Coding and Design, Gamification, Gigabots, and Lego Robotics.

Lunch: Lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: None
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