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Date(s) Topic Title
April 25Safety Standard Response Protocol - I Love You Guys Foundation
April 28School Safety Threat Assessment Overview
April 28Language Arts Student Published Books
April 30Math Statistics at Lane ESD
May 1Equity and Diversity Cultural Proficiency for Guest Teachers
May 2Math Lane Ignite Math K-5 (Two-Part Training)
May 13Math Lane Ignite Math K-5 (Three-Part Training)
May 14ELL Family Engagement and Student Success: Developing Inclusive School Systems That Promote Two-Way Communication Between Home and School
May 20Math Lane Ignite Math K-5 (Three-Part Training)
June 2Language Arts Evaluation and Sharing Sessions
June 19Math Lane Ignite the Core June Session
June 20Math Lane Ignite the Core June Session
June 23-25Literacy / ELA Common Core State Standards Strengthening the Core - Learning and Leading in Literacy
July 25-27Science Science Fair and Invention Convention
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