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Legacies is a project funded by a Teaching American History grant awarded to the Lane Education Service District by the United States Department of Education.

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The Legacies website collects the work from the past two iterations of the Lane County, Oregon Teaching American History grant project along with information about the current program.

Year Two in Review

Teaching American History 2/27/09
Bob Hart (right) from the Lane County Museum
with colleagues from Dorris Ranch.

The Teaching American History grant has completed its second of three years, with 43 participating teachers from 12 districts. The focus of this program is the use of historical inquiry, and for participants to partner with Lane County Museums to develop history education products that will engage students and encourage them to use local events as a window to learning history. Highlights from Year Two include:

  • history content provided by Portland State University professors
  • sessions on using historical inquiry
  • development and implementation of inquiry work samples
  • collaborating with local museums to create history education products
  • using technology to engage students
  • engagement tools, including the use of primary sources, music, reading strategies, and Brainstreaming