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Together We Learn, We Care,
We Succeed!


At Lane School we believe that all of our students will learn, will care and will succeed!

What's unique and effective about our behavioral program?

•daily instruction using evidence based curriculum

•daily communication with parents

•instruction linked to state standards, IEP goals and state assessment measures

•school-wide and highly individualized Positive Behavior Support systems

•access to cutting edge technology

•evidence based social skills training

•students are empowered to make positive choices without physical intervention

•highly supportive transition process for students returning to their home school

•collaboration with regional youth support agencies


School News & Events:



Ocean and his fish

At the end of last year 5 lucky student names were drawn to go on a special fishing field trip up the McKenzie. A guide from McKenzie Feed and Tackle taught students all of the tips and strategies to catch fish. One of the students who is very knowledgeable about fishing also helped out. A number of students actually caught fish. Robin hopes that the school will be able to take some students fishing again in the fall.


The independent review of Lane ESD's Services is complete. Brian Talbott, the Review Committee's leader, and the Committe's report provided both commendationa and specific recommendations for the Lane School Program.

Under commendations the committee noted that "Lane School is a successful and exceptionally well managed program" for students who experienced challenges in their home district.


Acts of Kindness!

For Excellence in Being Kind to Others!

The principal challenged Lane School students to earn Acts of Kindness tickets by being helpful role models, giving compliments, helping others, sharing, welcoming new people, and kindly greeting others. Top ticket earning tudents will be choose to either go fishing or to Splash!

Kindness Counts


Robin HartshorneRobin Hartshorne
Lane School Principal


Principal's Message

Welcome to our website. At Lane School we achieve our mission by creating an environment where students are safe, respectful and responsible. Our highly trained staff are here to help students experience academic and social success. This site is designed to be a resource to our parents, staff, students and to the districts we serve.

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