Instruction, Equity, and Partnerships

Equity and instructional supports are being fully integrated into the Instruction, Equity, and Partnerships area in response to the Superintendents Council of Lane ESD component districts' commitment to improve culturally responsive instructional practices at the classroom level.

Theory of Change: If we support the implementation of evidence-based practices within all programs and services, then we will be able to eliminate gaps in student achievement as well as reduce disproportionate representation in special education, discipline, and graduation rates based on race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

Lane ESD's Instruction, Equity, and Partnerships is fully committed to providing professional learning and supporting component districts in:

  • Meeting the requirements of state and federal law
  • Facilitating a review of state and federal standards related to the provision of a quality education
  • Supporting and facilitating continuous improvement planning
  • Supporting school-wide behavior and climate issues
  • Implementing and enhancing professional technical education
  • Avoiding binary approaches to the conversation
  • Acknowledging multiple perspectives

Service Areas

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