Lane ESD Historical Documents

Lane Education Service District has custody of historical school records dating to circa 1900. These historical documents are public records to which public access has always been available; however, existence of these documents was largely unknown. Handling of these aging records is tedious and destructive to the documents. Digital imaging of this information provides quick and easy access and better images than the original documents.

Student census records and many other records are organized by district number. Alphabetical and numerical keys for 239 Lane County districts are provided to assist in searching for information in these documents.

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Additional information on historical records are available at the Oregon State Archives and the Lane County Historical Society and Museum.

Additional photographs of the Lane ESD Historical Documents are in the Historical Archives Web Album.

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Key to District Names and Numbers


Board Minutes


Eighth Grade





Student Census

Student Census Records

Lane County School Census records were an annual compilation of student names in each district. Student census records for all districts were assembled together to create a county-wide record.

The annual student census records are in numerical district order, as detailed in the Numerical District List. District numbers can be found in the heading of each district page and in the bottom right corner of the original documents. If only the district name is known, review the Alphabetical District List to find the district number.

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