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DATA Project — Direct Access to Achievement

Statewide initiative to build capacity to apply the correct strategies, and use the correct data at the correct time. Funding source: grant


The graphical display of information residing in the Data Warehouse.

DIBELS — Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills

A set of standardized, individually administered measures of early literacy development designed to be short (one minute) fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of pre-reading and early reading skills.

EESC — Educational Enterprise Steering Committee

Collaboration between ODE, Oregon ESDs (through OAESD), University System (OUS) and K12 districts to support school improvement services.

ESPN or ESP Network — Effective School Practices Network

Lane County Initiative facilitated by Lane ESD for intra- and inter-district collaboration to develop a systemic approach for effective school practices based on response to intervention framework. Current efforts focused on aligning behavior (PBIS), math and literacy systems. Funding: Lane ESD via Local Service Plan

ETL — Extract, Transform and Load

A process in data warehousing that involves extracting data from outside sources, transforming it to fit business needs, and loading it into the data warehouse.

Growth Project

Statewide initiative to build capacity to use and apply longitudinal data.

IDTS — Integrated Data Transfer System

Oregon University System’s (OUS) system for electronically transmitting student transcripts on-demand between and among high schools, community colleges and universities.

ILC — Instructional Leadership Council

Committee of School Improvement staff from Oregon Education Service Districts established to coordinate statewide school improvement efforts.

KIDS Program — Pre-K through Grade 16 Integrated Data Systems

Statewide initiative sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education to develop a data structure to streamline data acquisition and reporting. Funding source: ODE

OAKS — Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

Oregon statewide online assessment system to assess students' mastery of Oregon content standards. Sometimes referred to as “TESA/OAKS.”

OAESD — Oregon Association of Education Service Districts

Association of Oregon’s 21 Education Service Districts

OSAS — Oregon Student Achievement System

Oregon Statewide Assessment System

OSAT — Oregon Student Achievement Test

Oregon Statewide Assessment Test

OUS — Oregon University System

State system of higher education comprising 7 state universities.

RTI - Response to Intervention

A method of academic intervention designed to provide early, effective assistance to children who are having difficulty learning. Response to Intervention was also designed to function as a data-based process for diagnosing learning disabilities.

SWIS — Schoolwide Information System

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS™) is a web-based software system for collecting and summarizing office discipline referrals in schools. The system was developed by University of Oregon faculty in collaboration with elementary, middle (junior high) and high school personnel.

TESA — Technology Assisted State Assessment

Oregon statewide online assessment system. Sometimes referred to as “TESA/OAKS.” See also “OAKS”

TLC — Teaching and Learning Connection

Statewide initiative that establishes school-based processes and infrastructure to use data. Funding source: grant

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